Ahmad Jabbar


I am a PhD student at Stanford Linguistics, advised by Christopher Potts. I am primarily interested in natural language meaning, and questions concerning its useful representations and processing. My current projects focus on compositionality and discourse structure.

I am affiliated with the Stanford NLP Group and the ALPS lab (PI: Judith Degen). My previous degrees are in logic and philosophy.


March 6, 2023: "Just what you expect: Hindi-Urdu na as an utterance final particle" accepted at CLS as a talk; I build a probabilistic account of a discourse particle in Hindi-Urdu.

March 6, 2023: "Accepting and resisting inquiry" accepted at CLS as a poster; we build a decision-theoretic model of discourse structure.


Jabbar, Ahmad. 2021. Pluralism for Relativists: a new framework for context-dependence Proceedings of the 18th workshop of the Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS). 18: 3-16.

Jabbar, Ahmad. 2021. Relativist know: wh-complements and intermediate exhaustivity Proceedings of the 32nd European Summer School of Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI). 32: 142-53.


I have taught formal logic courses at UConn (CT, USA) and LUMS (Lahore, PK). Another tidbit: I am trained in the Indian classical tradition of music (vocals). My favorite raags are Kedar and Yaman.

Also, if you're an undergrad or high school student (anywhere in the world) and interested in any of the topics I work on, feel free to reach out.